Rocky Mountain Treatment Center


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center

The staff members at Rocky Mountain believe that successful addiction treatment requires individualized treatment of the entire person based on a biopsychosocial model of care. This includes physical, emotional, behavioral, family, social, and spiritual needs.

The Treatment Philosophy is centered upon recognizing addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disorder characterized by compulsive use of drugs and alcohol.

When co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar are present, therapy must be individualized to address the needs of the patient. All patients receive psychological testing and consultations as part of their care process.

Finally, addiction treatment is seen as the beginning of a process of recovery. The patients are given skills to interrupt their addiction and to implement a plan for recovery. Continuing care, post treatment referrals, and follow-up are an important part of the individual’s ongoing recovery.

Our Facility

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is housed in a beautifully restored historic building in Great Falls, Montana. Located on the Missouri River, Great Falls provides a refuge for those seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The surrounding areas host spectacular views of the rocky mountain front, the plains, and the big skies of Montana. 

Our building provides a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere tucked in one of Great Falls’ oldest neighborhoods. We provide a full-service facility to meet all of your needs while in treatment. Food is prepared from scratch in our own kitchen and served in the comfortable dining room. Shared rooms provide plenty of personal space and comfort.

The grounds have a spacious lawn complete with outdoor volleyball and basketball court. The surrounding neighborhood is located in Great Falls’ oldest area of the city and near its first park and the historic Charlie M. Russell museum. Whether walking the River’s Edge Trail or visiting Giant Springs, you will enjoy the outdoor activity. An outdoor second floor deck provides a safe and comfortable place to relax between scheduled activities. During the colder months, there are plenty of activities as well.

Services are provided on three floors for your convenience and to assure privacy and confidentiality while at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. For specific information regarding the layout of our building, including stairs and room occupancy, please contact us.

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