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I would like to thank Mary Black for all her help and patience making arrangements for my son. Her kindness was beyond what anyone would expect. Her caring made a hard situation easier.


I was fortunate enough to be a December 2014 graduate of Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. I say fortunate because this program very well saved my life. Having been in two other treatment facilities I would say without a doubt this was the best one I’ve went through. Through this program I was able to look deep inside myself to find those previously undiscovered reasons why I had continued to drink and use. My counselor here made all that possible. The staff here is polite, professional and top notch. The food is second to none. The whole experience made recovery a gentle awakening of my true self.


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center has changed my life! I was hopeless before I came here. I didn’t even have the motivation to want to get better. One day, by the grace of God, I began looking for drug and alcohol treatment centers. Having previously worked in the drug and alcohol treatment field, I knew I needed to go to a place that viewed its clients as individuals with specific needs. God led me to Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. This meant I would have to travel all the way from Little Rock, AR to Great Falls, MT. The staff went above and beyond in helping me with this process. I was instantly greeted at the airport in Great Falls by an understanding staff member who shared his experience, strength, and hope. Upon my arrival at Rocky Mountain, I was welcomed by a group of caring people, medical staff, counselors, and treatment assistants who genuinely wanted to help me.

They set up an individualized treatment plan for me that has given me the tools I need for a happy, sober life. The equine therapy proved to be a vital component in my recovery. My counselor also helped me tremendously by identifying my problem areas, showing me how to work on them, recognizing my strengths, and helping me realize my potential for the future. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center has helped me recover what I lost in my addiction: Sobriety, Love, Hope and Motivation.


Rocky Mountain Treatment Center has been the catalyst to my recovery. It was the best decision my family and I have made towards healing. I was extremely nervous and afraid to come to treatment, but was immediately comforted and welcomed. I was able to heal physically, and have all the tools I need to continue mental and emotional healing upon graduation. I was able to form bonds with peers that will continue.

Thank you RMTC,


RMTC was an awesome experience for me. The tools I’ve learned here are very helpful and I’m grateful for the staff I’ve worked with during my stay here. I am proud to start my sobriety and road to recovery here. I am thankful for this opportunity I’m able to experience here not a lot of people out there that want it aren’t able to financially receive it.



RMTC has given me the tools & knowledge I needed to gain sobriety. The staff has become my family & the friends I made here have helped me to see the real me. I recommend RMTC to anyone who wants recovery or is hesitant because this became my home and I will always love this place.



I John writing to thank RMTC counselors and staff for giving me the opportunity and teaching me the things I needed to be taught to live sober. It was a pleasure getting to know you all and the people I that I went though this with.

Thank you all,


My name is Chris. I came into the Rocky Mountain Treatment Center in October of 2013 tired and hopeless. After struggling with Alcoholism for over 30 years the center opened my eyes to a new life. The counseling and care I received was awesome! The tools for a sober life that they taught me I will use always,“one day at a time”. I am writing this with a heart full of gratitude because the treatment center literally saved my life. I thank God everyday for bringing me there.

Always Grateful,


 My name is Kerstan G and I am a resident at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. After 24 years of continuous drinking, which spiraled severely in the last 10 years, I found my life hopeless and out of control. I entered RMTC on July 16th 2013 at 1:05, and I was welcomed with open arms. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I got there, but right away my fears started to disappear. I soon became accustomed to the structure of RMTC in which I was in need of. What I found most pleasing was the care of all the staff. My main contacts were with the Counselors, nurses , TA’s, maintenance workers and cooking staff. All very knowledgeable and professional. 

I learned that I was completely powerless over alcohol and my life was unmanageable. While working with the counselors, attending AA meetings and Equine therapy, I was able to take the blinders off and truly see who I was, soon pride, anger, self pity, were being replaced by spirituality, humility, and hope. I will be leaving RMTC soon, but I feel I have been given the tools to remain emotionally, spiritually  and physically healthy.

Kerstan G 

My name is Colton H. I’m 24 years old and I am an alcoholic. I’m not sure if it was my age or my attitude, but I was resilient in believing so. I couldn’t bear the thought of going to a treatment center at such a young age. I just couldn’t grasp the concept that I had a problem. But RMTC isn’t any ordinary treatment center. Although still hesitant, I felt a sense of welcome right as I walked through the doors, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. My experience was surreal. I gained mass amounts of valuable knowledge and tools during my stay. The nursing staff was excellent in making sure I obtained all my medical needs and they were very friendly in doing so. The cooking staff did a great job making a variety of tasteful food and always made sure we got enough to eat. Most importantly, the counselors & TA’s were very friendly, yet professional in educating me on the tools necessary for sobriety. They were always there with open ears in times of need and could somehow relate to me if I had doubts or insecurities.

RMTC isn’t just a place where you fill out paperwork and go through the motions. It’s a place where I learned to practice my spirituality in my life long search for peace & serenity. One of my favorite experiences was the equine therapy. I’ve always loved horses, but didn’t fully realize the connection between us. Watching the horse circle the ring, slowing to a slow meandering walk as I slowed my heart rate & began to relax. It was if I was looking int a mirror of my emotions. It gave me a deeper sense of myself and what behavioral changes I needed to make. Truly something that no counselor could have done. 

Lastly , I feel very blessed to have been able to go through this. It gave me a great insight into myself and my addiction. I was a downward spiral to self-destruction and I have everyone to thank at RMTC for helping me believe that after every storm, there’s sunshine. Although, this is just the beginning. 

Colton H

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