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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy

River's Edge Trail2Recreational Therapy helps you to develop and expand your emotional connections in order to help you develop a new, healthy & successful lifestyle free from your old patterns and habits. Research has shown that damaging behaviors are addictive at some level, and that your environment plays a powerful role in perpetuating those behaviors. Our approach is that by changing your once negative environment into a positive one, you open the doors to create new and healthy experiences that change the course of your life.

A New Life Outside of Addiction

We believe it is so important to help you find your passion, hobbies, and interests outside of the addictive lifestyle you are accustomed to. We encourage you to make a change, get out of the addictive rut you’re in, and seize this opportunity to experience what the life around you has to offer.

Our program offers you the change in environment you need to start your path to recovery. Not only do we provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere but we dedicate time to helping you explore who you are and what you are interested in outside of your addiction.

After struggling with Alcoholism for over 30 years the center opened my eyes to a new life. The counseling and care I received was awesome! The tools for a sober life that they taught me I will use always, “one day at a time”. I am writing this with a heart full of gratitude because the treatment center literally saved my life. I thank God every day for bringing me there. – Chris

Experience Montana

Treatment for addiction is about so much more than just staying indoors and attending counseling sessions. We offer you the opportunity to experience art, culture, recreation, and the stunning & rugged beauty that is Montana. Some of our favorite spots include,

CM Russell Museum
Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
Giant Springs Heritage State Park
Gates of the Mountains
First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

River's Edge Trail

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