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Intervention for Addiction

Intervention for Addiction

The intervention process was developed as a realistic and proactive approach to helping those who do not realize they have a problem with addiction or are unable to ask for help.

Intervention for Addiction is Effective

  • 99% Of Interventions Ultimately Lead To Treatment
  • Intervention Leads To High Chances Of Treatment Success
  • Intervention Helps Facilitate Addiction Treatment Options
  • Intervention Is A Realistic Option For Loved Ones Of Addicts

Intervention for Addiction Services

If you are thinking about or have questions regarding intervention for addiction Rocky Mountain Treatment Center can help! We offer 2 types of Intervention Services.

1. Educated Intervention– We sit down with you and go over intervention techniques, what to expect during an intervention, and helpful information that can lead to a successful and receptive intervention

2. Assisted Intervention– We are here to help and you don’t have to do this alone! Rocky Mountain has licensed counselors who will facilitate and assist in an intervention at a pre-determined neutral location.

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