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Family Counseling for Addiction

Family Counseling for Addiction

Co-dependency is the term we use to define the behaviors which develop in family members or significant others as a reaction to living in or having grown up in an addictive family environment. One of the most common patterns of co-dependency occurs when a person becomes obsessed with changing or controlling the behavior of an addict. It causes them to become ineffectual in managing their own lives. This may result in the manifestation of a number of symptoms or mental health problems such as

Dependent Personality Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Low Self-Esteem
No Self-Identity
General Loss of Self-Control

The stress of living with the pain of co-dependency leads to physical and emotional breakdown. Co-dependency makes life a difficult, painful experience.

Family Counseling Program

Addiction has the power to destroy families. Oftentimes an addict and their family stop understanding each other, communication diminishes and isolation sets in. While the family becomes frustrated and stressed, the addict loses a major source of support needed to fight addiction. At Rocky Mountain Treatment Center we believe it is critical to help families heal and in turn develop families into strong supports to help their loved ones through recovery.

We offer a family counseling for addiction program to teach patients and their families to understand addiction as a disease, constructive problem resolution, and tools to build effective support systems. Family education & therapy encourages change to a healthy self-image, clear communication with others, intimacy skills, a healthy value system, and the chance to trust and live in a loving, nurturing way.

This time is designed to help family members understand addiction and to encourage them to be a part of their loved one’s recovery process.

Family Counseling for Addiction Program Includes:

Family Education – A day-long workshop to educate families on the disease of addiction, self-care, and co-dependency (co-addiction), how to cope and create healthy boundaries, and provide support for the recovery of their loved one.

Family Group Counseling– Helps clients and family members to understand how addiction has affected family relationships and provides education, practice in healthy communication and support in reconnecting family members in a positive way. These group sessions allow clients and family to start open lines of communication, which sets the foundation for the entire family to start to rebuild their relationships.

Family Individual Counseling – Unites families with their loved ones in an individual combined therapy session. In addition to family drug and alcohol counseling, Rocky Mountain Treatment Center incorporates family input in aftercare planning (as per authorization granted by each client) with the client’s loved ones. We also offer video conference services for family members unable to be physically present.

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