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Addiction Treatment Program

Group Therapy:

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center conducts small group therapy twice daily. The therapy is designed to help the patients reinforce strengths, as well as address and resolve uncomfortable feelings and problems. Our therapists bring years of experience in dealing with chemical dependency and other addictions. They utilize a broad range of therapeutic techniques determined by individualized needs of the patients.

Individual Counseling:

All patients meet weekly with their primary counselor for individual counseling. Additional sessions are provided based on the needs of the patients.

Spiritual Awareness:

The spiritual growth of patients is important in their recovery. Our staff works with patients and family members regarding self-esteem, self-awareness, and a sense of purpose. Groups and educational sessions are conducted on a regularly scheduled basis to help patients and family members develop a new spiritual awareness.


Fitness is a key component in physical health, self esteem, leisure and social activities. These are all key components in ongoing recovery.


Patients are given a variety of relaxation training techniques to develop methods for stress reduction and emotional regulation.

Twelve-Step Program:

At Rocky Mountain, the treatment process is based around a Twelve-Step Program. This includes in-house meetings, community meetings, step meetings and appropriate reading and discussion of other Twelve-Step materials.

Educational Lectures:

Throughout treatment, the patients hear a series of carefully planned presentations that provide information and stimulate discussion and information about all phases of addiction, and recovery.

Continuing Care (Aftercare):

Careful, individualized continuing care plans are developed with patient participation at Rocky Mountain. The formation of the plan begins during the first week of the patient’s treatment and continues throughout his/her stay. We believe continuing care is a critical component of recovery. The continuing care plan includes a minimum of 12 weeks of outpatient follow-up plus regular attendance at Twelve-Step meetings. We also arrange other follow-up services such as mental health, family and physical health as part of the continuing care plan.

Additional Programs:

Check out these additional programs that we offer at RMTC. Please contact us if you have any questions about our programs.

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